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Mike Isabella on 'Crazy Good Italian'

 Mike Isabella on 'Crazy Good Italian'

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The Top Chef All-Star talks about his new cookbook

The Daily Meal

Mike Isabella was easily a fan favorite on Top Chef: All Stars, and he brings his charm and fun-loving attitude to a new cookbook, Crazy Good Italian. Isabella says the name came from, "the finale of Top Chef All-Stars — I did my pepperoni sauce and Gail Simmons was like, 'Mike Isabella, this is crazy business — how did you create this?' And it just kind of stuck!"

The book is an expansive compilation of recipes ranging from pasta to seafood. He also shares some of his "family secrets," such as his infamous gnocchi recipe. He also includes a section for lovers of Greek cuisine as well, for anyone who wants something beyond the multitude of Italian recipes.

While Isabella is proud of the work he does in his restaurant Graffiato, he wanted to bring some of his sensibilities to the home cook: "Obviously, cooking at home and cooking in a professional kitchen are two different worlds," he says, while explaining how he tried to make the recipes as relatable as possible.

Watch the video above to hear Isabella discuss the new book in his own words.

Watch the video: Youve Got Mike Isabella (June 2022).


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