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Tiramisu cake recipe with cream

Tiramisu cake recipe with cream

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Tiramisu original recipe

Wheat: Mix the butter with the sugar until foamy. Add eggs, one at a time, mixing with a whisk or mixer. The flour is mixed with the baking powder and placed over the egg composition. At the end, pour the milk and Inka dissolved in the two tablespoons of hot water.

Make two countertops, in a shape lined with baking paper, with a diameter of 26 cm. Bake for about 20-30 minutes each.

Syrup: Boil 125 ml of water with 40 g of sugar and 1 1/2 lg of Inca. Leave to cool.

Cream: Prepare a cream from yolks, Inca and powdered sugar and milk, in a bain-marie. Boil, stirring constantly, over low heat for 15 minutes. Leave to cool, then mix with mascarpone. After the second box (of mascarpone), the cream begins to harden.

Syrup the first countertop, put the cream, then follow the second countertop, and syrup and garnish with the rest of the cream. If it doesn't arrive, you can garnish with whipped cream. I advise you not to sprinkle Inka over the cream, because it does not look pleasant (as I did). The cake can also be made with coffee or nes, instead of Inka.

Blog Recipe

500 ml cream for whipped cream500 ml sweetened coffee400 g biscuits150 g powdered sugar500 g mascarpone200 g bitter chocolate3 tablespoons cacaoputina salt instructions and how to prepare the recipe for. Tiramisu is an Italian cake made from layers of biscuits syruped in coffee and fine mascarpone cream.

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Tiramisu Original Italian Dessert Recipe With Mascarpone And Coffee

And they wanted the combination of mascarpone coffee but in a small format in individual portions that could be easily eaten by hand, not in cups.

Tiramisu cake recipe with biscuits and mascarpone. Classic tiramisu 34 votes 4 22. Dessert is very easy to make especially since we will present step by step how to prepare it. Tiramisu recipe with mascarpone cream.

Tiramisu with mascarpone biscuits 27 recipes. The tiramisu recipe is the original recipe from the sweet cookbook. 80 ml limoncello 500 g mascarpone, ie 2 cans of Italian, not Romanian, 300 g of Savoyard biscuits, ie 3 rows of biscuits, 150 ml of sweet milk.

Tiramisu with mascarpone cream can be a variant for Christmas dessert. We put the first generous layer of cream and then another layer of biscuits and cocoa sprinkled with a tea strainer and the last generous layer of cream. A quick cake that is prepared in 30 minutes.

Tiramisu cake with biscuits and mascarpone without baking or boiling simple recipe. Then add mascarpone and mix well using the mixer. A fine cake with ness mascarpone coffee cream and whipped cream with biscuits syruped with coffee and amaretto liqueur whiskey cream baileys carolans etc.

Ingredients 500 g mascarpone 400 g biscuits 250 ml espresso or hard coffee 3 tablespoons powdered sugar 3 eggs a tablespoon cocoa 3 teaspoons amaretto or a teaspoon of essence. I made this tiramisu cake on a tray with biscuits and mascarpone for the baptism of the son of dear friends. Translated into Romanian, the Italian word tiramisu means pick me up because it had the role of giving energy to those who tasted it.

It is a light cake with a special taste and a special aroma due to the essences used. Tiramisu cake with chocolate recipe video Tiramisu cake with chocolate or chocolate cake without baking tell me how you want but try it. The tiramisu recipe is ideal for a family event or other party where many people participate.

Tiramisu with Mascarpone Tiramisu with Mascarpone TiramisuIt's Mascarpone Tiramisu Italian Buturuga Tiramisu Buturuga Tiramisu and Raspberry Tiramisu with Raspberry Petitchef Tiramisu Tiramisu Tiramisu. It is a wonderful dessert based on mascarpone. This is one of the favorite cakes of Romanians.

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Preparation of the recipe for cupcakes with tiramisu cream

Mix flour with baking powder and salt. Put the milk in a kettle and heat it. After it starts to bubble on the edge, take it off the heat and add the butter that you can mix to speed up the melting process or you can let it melt on its own for a few minutes.

You can use a mixer at medium speed or mix all the eggs and sugar manually. Put this composition in a bowl, heat it in a bain-marie and stir continuously until the sugar begins to melt.

Let the composition heat gently for 6 minutes, then remove the bowl from the water and mix the ingredients again at high speed. Insist until the mixture becomes creamy, light in color and thickens. Gradually add flour over the cream obtained and mix gently until incorporated. Put three tablespoons of this dough in the milk left to cool and mix well, then pour the milk over the rest of the composition and gently mix all the ingredients.

Pour the dough into muffin tins, leaving room to increase the composition. Put them in the preheated oven and leave them for about 20 minutes until they brown nicely. For added safety, apply the toothpick test.

Meanwhile, prepare the coffee syrup and mascarpone cream. The syrup is very simple. All you have to do is mix the coffee, wine and sugar until it melts. For the cream, use a mixer at medium speed, so that you can mix the cream until it hardens. In a bowl add mascarpone and powdered sugar and mix until fluffy. Gradually incorporate the cream, taking care not to damage the texture of the composition.

Syrup the muffins with the coffee syrup, leave them for a few minutes to absorb the liquid well, then, with the help of a pos or a bag cut at a corner, decorate the muffins with cream. Finally sprinkle a little cocoa on top of them.

With this cupcake recipe you will impress your family and friends. Because what dessert can be more sublime than the delicate muffins accompanied by a delicious tiramisu cream?

Tiramisu cake without eggs

If you have already seen the classic tiramisu recipe and you did not like the use of fresh eggs, then I have the option for you. tiramisu cake without eggs.
Being an extremely fast dessert, tiramisu cake without eggs can be prepared for any occasion. If you want to serve it to children, omit coffee and you can replace it with a sweet syrup.
Ingredients from tiramisu cake without eggs are for a 26 cm cake tray, for a 20 cm tray you can use a box of mascarpone and 300 ml of whipped cream.
Instead of coffee, you can also use water mixed with a few drops of mocha aroma or with any flavors that you or the children like.
It can be prepared for special occasions, for a family meal, but also for when you feel like something sweet and you don't have much time available. It can also be prepared in other forms.
If you liked this recipe, try the leche cake, the ganache and strawberry cake or the Black Forest cake.


This recipe participates in the "MY FUNNY VALENTINE" project initiated by Didi, on the "CULINARY BLOGGERS" group.

The chosen recipe is Tiramisu. I love it, and the combination with pomegranate is magnificent. I hope you like it.

-6 eggs
-100 g powdered sugar
-0,500 g mascarpone
-cold natural coffee
-1 pomegranate
-sponge fingers

Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Mix the yolks with the sugar until you get a frothy cream. Add the mascarpone and mix. Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt. ready. Incorporate the beaten egg whites with the yolks and mascarpone, mixing with a spoon from bottom to top with delicate movements, until you see that the composition is well homogenized.
In a cake pan put a layer of biscuits that you have previously passed through the coffee. (Each biscuit is first passed through the coffee). on top of the squeezed pomegranate juice. Cool the cake for at least 2 hours. If you don't serve it that day, you can freeze it without any problems. (After two hours in the fridge, I froze it).



Tir Tiramisu

Today we will do Tir Tiramisu. You have been asking me for this recipe for years, but I have not filmed so far because I wanted to experiment until I find the perfect recipe. It has two layers of biscuits and two layers of cream, it is made very quickly and it is exactly that dessert that you can make when you are in a hurry. It looks very good, the layers of cream are thick and when we serve the cake the slices come out perfect.

500 grams of mascarpone
500 ml of liquid cream
250 ml of cold coffee, boiled and sweetened
2 tablespoons cocoa
6 yolks
100 grams of sugar
28-30 biscuits

We start by making the cream. Put the yolks and sugar in a bowl. We foam them with a wooden spoon. Put the yolks on a steam bath, continue to mix in them with a wooden spoon and keep them on the fire until the sugar has completely melted. Check if the sugar is melted by taking a little cream between two fingers.

Put the mascarpone cheese over the yolks and mix well with the mixer.

In another bowl, put the cream and whisk it with the mixer

Put the yolk cream and mascarpone over the cream and mix well.

Now we're going to start building the cake. On the bottom of a square tray with a size of 24 cm we put a layer of biscuits that we syrup 2-3 seconds in the coffee. We put half the amount of cream over the biscuits. We repeat this step once again. We put biscuits and cream again. Level the cake on top and put it in the fridge for six hours or preferably overnight.

When the cake is hardened, powder the cocoa on top. If we had put cocoa as soon as we finished making the cake, it would have changed color and melted, and the look of the cake would not be as pleasant. We pass with a knife on the edge of the removable form to come off more easily, then we take the ring down.

Look how good it looks! The cake hardened even though it did not contain gelatin. It is cut very easily as if we were going through a foam because the biscuits are also very well syruped. It's an absolutely wonderful cake. It is considered one of the best cakes I have ever made in my family.

RADĂUȚEANA SOUP and CHIROȘTI & # 8211 tasty recipes from BUCOVINA

Radauti soup it is the "twig" without which no meal can begin here. For 4 rations of Radauti soup the proportions are:
1 chicken breast, 1 carrot, 1 onion, 1 parsley root, 1 small celery, 100 g sour cream, 2 egg yolks, 3 cloves garlic, chopped green parsley, salt, pepper.
Boil the meat and gather the foam. Add the chopped vegetables and season with a little salt. Let it boil until it softens well and remove the meat with the vegetables from the juice in which they boiled. Cut the chest into thin strips, add it to the pot, crush the vegetables in a strainer and put them in the cauldron. Bring to a boil - add salt again and beat the cream with the yolks, adding a pinch of soup. Turn off the heat, leave for 5 minutes and increase the cream mixture with the yolks. Combine well, add the crushed garlic and finely chopped parsley. It resembles belly soup, except that instead of beef belly, chicken breast is used.

The boats I put the pies on my lap here and they are a kind of dumplings with salted cheese. In a large clay pot, as you only find in Grandma's closet, knead the cheese with the eggs, sugar, lemon peel and vanilla sugar. In another cake pan, roll a dough only from flour and water. Then look in the pantry, the most worthy of pots, fill it with water, dip in it a tablespoon of salt and quickly put it to boil. Meanwhile, roll out the dough and cut it into equal slices. Spread each slice mercilessly with a twister, cover it with a spoonful of yellowish filling from the top and draw its outline with the index finger moistened in water. This trick will help the dough stick. Fold the candies in half and cover the edges by pressing them firmly with the teeth of a fork. The last step, says a Polish princess, is to throw them in boiling water and boil them for a quarter of an hour on low heat.

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Tiramisu cake with chocolate flakes


A package of high quality biscuits
450 g mascarpone cheese
A cup of sweet cream
& frac12 cup of sugar
3 tablespoons rum or brandy
Cocoa powder
A cup of espresso
& frac12 cup of fresh coffee
Dark chocolate flakes

Method of preparation:

With a mixer, beat the whipped cream until it hardens. To see if it is well enough prepared, take the ultimate test: turn the bowl upside down. Sta? That would be indicated!

In a bowl, add the mascarpone cheese, sugar and rum and mix until you get a fine, homogeneous cream.

Incorporate whipped cream into cream cheese.

Pamper the biscuits in the coffee and espresso mix, then place them neatly in a high tray.

Place half the amount of fluffy cream over the biscuits. Level the fluffy delicacy with a spatula.

Powder everything with fine cocoa.

Top with another layer of biscuits and another of mascarpone cream.

Powder the cake with cocoa and coat it with chocolate flakes.

Leave the cake to cool for two hours, then enjoy a slice of tort tiramisu among your loved ones.

Tir Tiramisu

Step 1. Make coffee using instant or boiled coffee. When the coffee is ready add 50 g of sugar and coffee liqueur. Pour the coffee into a tray of about 15 & # 21520 cm. Allow to cool.

Step 2. In a bowl, mix the yolks with 125 g of sugar until slightly white. Then pour the milk and mix until well incorporated.

Step 3. Put the bowl on a steam bath (bain marie) over low heat and mix for about 10-15 minutes with a spatula until the cream thickens like sour cream. When ready, remove the bowl from the heat and allow to cool to room temperature.

Step 4. In a bowl put the mascarpone cream and liquid cream and mix with the mixer until it hardens. Then add the previously prepared cold cream.

Step 5. Soak the biscuits in coffee juice one at a time without letting them soak too much. Just insert and remove the biscuits with a continuous movement.

Step 6. In a cake tin with a detachable edge of about 20 cm, place on the edge broken biscuits at about 3/4 of the length. Then put a layer of biscuits on the bottom.

Step 7. Then pour a layer of cream.

Step 8. Place a layer of biscuits again.

Step 9. Pour the last layer of cream.

Step 10. Put the cold cake in the fridge for at least 4 hours.
Unwrap and then decorate the cake with cocoa powder and berries as desired.

Step 11. We wish you good appetite and increase cooking Tiramisu cake recipe.


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