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Coca Cola bottle cake

Coca Cola bottle cake

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The Coca Cola bottle cake is a gem that I could not miss, after having seen it over and over again on various sites, in videos and on the facebook group it came almost natural to me to want to do it too.
It's about a cake which looks like a bottle, but is actually a dark chocolate shell filled with sponge cake, cream and nutella.
Usually I shy away from too laborious and requiring a good dose of patience and dexterity, but this cake in the shape of a Coca-Cola bottle was too particular not to make it.
After seeing various tutorial and having asked for the support of the girls here in the office, I decided to jump in and make this cake.
I admit I started saying "but who made me do it" right away, I had difficulty filling the cake with sponge cake and cream, as the crack we had created was too narrow, but nevertheless I continued patiently to make layers of sponge cake followed by cream and nutella.
I admit that when I finished filling the bottle, I was satisfied and happy, but I didn't know that the worst was yet to come.
Although I had doubts from the beginning, about how easily and easily I could ever extract the cake from the bottle, all the tutorials and all the sites that I had consulted spoke of this operation as something within everyone's reach ... cursed!
Right from the start I started scratching the bottle, but I read that if it happened on the side that would then be covered by the red band it wouldn't be a problem, then I heard a crack of chocolate breaking, but luckily it was on the side that was supposed to remain leaning on the plate.
The worst part, however, was when I had to remove the base of the bottle, it didn't come out in any way, it was breaking too and I just wanted to cry; D
Luckily I then managed to remove all the plastic around and serve mine Coca Cola bottle cake, but I admit it was truly a tragedy and I had to do some patching up with the chocolate.
All this to tell you that if you want to try your hand at this preparation you have to use a good dose of patience and hope that everything goes smoothly;)
I leave you the recipe, the step by step up to a certain point, because then I started to lose control and it was difficult for me to think about photographing the cake when in reality I could not even get it out of the bottle hahaha;)
Okay come on, however it went and I am sure that you will be better than me in its realization and indeed, I am waiting to know how it went! Basins and happy monday: *

First of all, let's prepare the sponge cake.
In a bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar

When they start to become foamy, add the grated lemon peel.

When you have beaten the eggs, in all, for at least 20 minutes, start adding, 1 tablespoon at a time, the dry ingredients (flour, starch and yeast) well sieved.

Once you have a well whipped and homogeneous mixture, pour it into a 20-22 cm pan lined with parchment paper.

Bake for about 30 minutes in a static oven preheated to 180 ° C, then remove from the oven and let it cool.

In the meantime, let's start preparing the bottle.
Once well washed and dried, remove the cap, including its ring nut (the red circle), and the plastic band with the inscription.

Using kitchen scissors, create a rectangular opening along the bottle. I made it too small and then I had difficulty filling the bottle, so you make an opening that takes almost the entire length, in order to make things easier.

Cover the neck of the bottle with aluminum foil and replace the cap.

Melt the dark chocolate (in the microwave or in a double boiler).

Pour about 3/4 of the chocolate into the bottle and rotate it to distribute it evenly.
For a more complete job, you can also brush the plastic "lid" cut off earlier with chocolate.

Let it solidify upside down in the refrigerator, so that some of the chocolate settles in the space of the cap: in this way the chocolate structure of the bottle will be more solid.
After half an hour, check against the light if there are thinner parts (which show the light) and use the remaining chocolate to make them thicker. Put back in the fridge and let it finish solidifying.

After another half hour you can start filling it: cut the sponge cake into thin slices and whip the cream for desserts.

Take the bottle back, lightly wet the sponge cake (prepare a wet by simmering the water, sugar and rum; for a non-alcoholic syrup, replace the rum with the peel of 1 orange, possibly organic) and start the filling.
Place a first layer of sponge cake covering the entire lower part of the bottle (the side opposite the opening).

Using a spatula or spoon, sprinkle the sponge cake with some of the whipped cream, then add a small layer of Nutella.

Repeat the procedure: wet sponge cake, cream, nutella. You will get about 3 or 4 layers in all.

Finally, cover the filling with the chocolate-covered "lid" and store in the freezer horizontally for about 1 hour (or until the plastic bottle begins to detach itself from the chocolate).

Once completely solidified, take the bottle back.
This is the most delicate phase of the entire recipe, so proceed calmly and patiently.
Remove the cap and the aluminum.
Try to insert the tip of the scissors between the chocolate and the plastic, so that air can penetrate, and start cutting in a circular direction with a sharp cutter, in order to divide the plastic into two parts and free the cake.
If the chocolate were to scratch a little or even crack, don't worry: in the end you can place the band on it, hiding any damage.

If the chocolate is well frozen and you have let air pass between the plastic and the chocolate, you should be able (more or less easily) to remove the bottle and free the cake.
Once the operation is complete, replace the cap and label.
Et voilà, the Coca Cola bottle cake is ready to be served!

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