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Squid and potatoes

Squid and potatoes

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Calamari and potatoes recipe by of 12-03-2013 [Updated on 10-08-2017]

This morning I give you the recipe for squid with potatoes, a dish that you can serve as a hot appetizer for a fish-based dinner or as a main course as a single dish. The freshness of the squid and the quality of the potatoes you will use (they must be firm and floury) will make the difference, the dish must taste of the sea and the potato must crumble in the mouth;) Now I greet you and I get to work, I must try to close all I have to do by two, today the second afternoon awaits me dedicated to the preparation of Easter recipes with my sister, I prepare the desserts and she helps me with the decorations, and between one mess and another we take advantage to be together and make 2 "messes";) I wish you a good day, pelvis.


How to make squid and potatoes

Boil the potatoes for 15 minutes in boiling salted water, then peel them and cut them into fairly large chunks

Clean the squid and cut them into rings (click here to see the procedure for cleaning the squid)

In a pan with high sides, fry the garlic clove and a little chilli pepper in the extra virgin olive oil over medium heat, add the squid, mix and blend with the white wine

Add the potatoes, cherry tomatoes, parsley to the pan, mix and cook for a few minutes.

Add 1/2 cup of water, cover and cook for another 20 minutes.
Check the cooking every now and then and if necessary add a little water.

When cooked, season with salt and add some freshly chopped parsley and serve the squid with potatoes

Video: Mashed Potatoes Stuffed Crispy Squid Fry - Crispy Squid and Potatoes Recipe (July 2022).


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