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Madeira cake

Madeira cake

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The madeira cake is a typical Anglo-Saxon cake, it is indicated as one of the best bases to use for those who want to prepare a cake with two or more floors and decorate it with sugar paste. This cake has a very compact texture that does not make it absorb a lot of water and does not deform it, but being a very "buttery" cake with a lemon flavor, it can also be prepared to be served to nature, usually accompanying the 5 o'clock. As you well know, however, the madeira cake served me as a basis for preparing the birthday cake for my starlet who is now 2 years old, but since I will go to assemble it in the afternoon, only tomorrow you will find the recipe for the cake complete on the blog, for now, I'll give you the recipe for the basics :) I know that what I'm about to write will seem trivial and obvious, but believe me, it's the truth ... after 2 years I still am amazed at the miracle that is happened in my life with the birth of Elisa, with her I was reborn, I changed, I improved, I know I am her point of reference and her model and I can't go wrong and every day that passes I try to improve myself to be at "her" height "to make her proud and proud of me, my goal is not to be the best mom in the world, but the best mom for her and I will do everything to not disappoint her. It has been 2 intense, joyful years, full of "firsts", games, cuddles and new discoveries, I look at it today and I already see it great and it terrifies me, I am always afraid of missing something, of seeing it grow too quickly .
Today we will give her a party with lots of festoons and colored balloons, a two-tier cake, a kitchenette all for her, and if I could ask her for something in return, I would ask Elisa to never change, to never lose the enthusiasm for every new discovery, the curiosity for everything that happens around her, not to lose love and sensitivity towards nature and animals, not to lose that stubbornness when she wants to achieve something, her being so reckless yet always careful and above all not to lose that spark that has been in her eyes since she was born, that light that emanates and that makes her so special. Greetings my little star, happy birthday and good life together with us who are "the arch that pushes you towards tomorrow"


How to make madeira cake

In a bowl, mix the eggs with the milk

Separately, mix flour, baking powder and grated lemon peel

In a large bowl, whisk the margarine and sugar until creamy
Alternately add the egg mixture and the flour

Work the mixture until the mixture is smooth

Pour the madeira cake mixture into the buttered and baked mold, level it as much as possible then bake the cake in a static oven at 160 degrees for an hour.

Once cooked, let it cool down and then turn the cake upside down and let it cool on a wire rack
Serve the madeira cake

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