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My mother yeast

My mother yeast

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What are refreshments?
Refreshments are topping up with flour and water that are made from the base dough from which a part is subtracted each time. When it is time to refresh the yeast, proceed as follows:
1. Take the amount of yeast you want to refresh, for example 100 g
2. Take the same amount of flour, then 100 g
3. And half of water, so 50 g
4. Knead and put in the clean container, always the same, a tall and narrow jar
5. After 4 hours if it doubles its volume then the yeast is active
6. The leftover starter yeast is thrown away

In summary: mother yeast + same amount of flour + half amount of water = refreshed yeast

Cleaning the yeast container
The jar you choose for your LM should be narrow and tall and should have a lid. Every time you refresh your yeast, you have to clean the jar from the previous residues with hot water only, I read that only once in a while it can be washed with soap and water but then it must be rinsed thoroughly so as to eliminate any soap residue.

The una vota active mother yeast is kept in a glass jar closed with a lid or film at room temperature if you decide to use it every day and then refresh it once a day or in the fridge if you decide to refresh it 1 or 2 times a day. week. But even if it is not used for bread making, it must be refreshed at least once a week otherwise it dies.

The day before using the mother yeast to make bread, you have to refresh it, then the next day (the one in which you have to use it) you have to refresh it again, wait for it to become active (after about 3/4 hours) and then use it. The leavening of the dough with natural yeast is very long about 12/24 hours, however the times depend on the strength of your yeast and on the season.

Wednesday 8th January
I put the 00 flour, water at room temperature, honey and extra virgin olive oil in a bowl. Although many recipes only involved the use of water and flour, I chose to start by giving a little sugar to the LM and using oil

I mixed all the ingredients well and formed a nice firm dough

I engraved with a cross and I put the mixture in a glass jar.
The jar should be tight and tall, clean and with a lid.

I closed with the lid and I put the dough to rise at room temperature for 48 hours

Friday 10 January
After 48 hours the dough as expected had doubled in volume and had an acidic yeast scent

So, I made my first refreshment, I put 100 grams of flour, 45 grams of water at room temperature and 100 grams of the leavened dough in a bowl. The remaining dough will be thrown away.

I worked until a homogeneous dough was obtained, I engraved and put it to rest for another 48 hours in the glass jar which in the meantime I had washed only with a little water and dried well

Sunday 12 January
Also this time I found the compound doubled

I then did the second refreshment in the same way:
I took 100 g of dough and kneaded it by adding 100 g of flour and 45 g of water.

I put it back in the jar and instead of letting it rest for 24 hours as I should have, I let it rest for 3 days!

Wednesday January 15th
The yeast hadn't doubled and had few blisters, so I thought something was wrong. I called a girl from the mother yeast expert group, explained the situation to her and found out that I actually had to refresh the yeast every 24 hours on Monday! I thought that all was lost, but Rosalba patiently explained to me that I could fix it by going immediately to refresh the yeast.
Refreshment with 100 of dough, 100 of flour and 45 of water but after 24 hours the yeast had not doubled

Thursday 16
Rosalba then tells me to proceed by putting 100 of dough, 100 of flour (also putting some flour 0), 45 of water and a teaspoon of honey to give it an extra boost only that I make another mess and put all flour 0 (Rosy then he explains to me that the change of flour must be gradual and not so sudden

Friday 17
The yeast was limp and did not grow, I ask the girls on the group for advice who tell me not to give up and continue then I do another refreshment 100 gr of dough, 50 flour 0, 50 flour 00 and a teaspoon of honey and under the advice of another cook the dough with the mixer and put the jar in the oven off.
I put in the jar and wait 24 hours

Saturday 18
The yeast was still limp and had not doubled and I decide to make a last attempt, again refreshment, like the previous day, I don't put honey but I use filtered water in which I had put a handful of raisins to soften, I put in the jar and cross my fingers

Sunday 19
I open the oven and finally I find the yeast doubled and full of cells. I didn't know I could be so happy;)

I still had 2 refreshments at a distance of 24 hours from each other, always proceeding in the same way

Wednesday 22 January
I made the refreshment by taking 100 gd of dough and adding 50 g of 0 flour and 50 g of 00 flour and 45 g of water, I kneaded well and put it in the fridge.
From now on, 15 days must pass refreshing the yeast every 3/4 days

So 2 times a week I patiently refreshed my mother yeast, and putting it to rest in the fridge where, however, the growth in volume was very slow

Thursday 6 February, litmus test, the mother yeast is active when once refreshed and placed at room temperature, it doubles its volume after 4 hours
I take the yeast from the fridge, do the usual refreshments and put it at room temperature, 4 hours pass, 6 hours, but nothing, only 12 hours later it managed to grow double so I decide to leave it at room temperature to rest until the next day

Friday 7 February, the mother yeast had reached the edge after 24 hours so I decide to do another test by refreshing this well-alveolated yeast.

I put the jar at room temperature and after 8 hours it had doubled, the times were not right, so fresh refreshments and again to rest in the fridge

Monday 10th February
The yeast removed from the fridge was active, I try to make the usual refreshments, I put the closed jar in the oven off and wait

After 4 hours I finally see my mother yeast double in volume, it is finally ready to be used and now I just have to give it a name :)

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