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Four cheeses pasta

Four cheeses pasta

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Recipe Pasta with four cheeses by of 23-09-2009 [Updated on 04-12-2018]

There four cheeses pasta it is very simple to make and you can indulge yourself using the cheeses you prefer, this is obviously my recipe, where I have chosen and balanced the cheeses to my taste. You can replace, for example, the gruyere with sweet gorgonzola or the galbanino with emmental.
This cheese sauce you can use it, as well as to season pasta, also to make 4-cheese pizza, by melting the cheese cubes directly on the pizza layer before baking it. After all these desserts, this morning I thought it best to give you the recipe for a first course, the recipe for pasta with 4 cheeses. I forgot to tell you that I used some scialatielli, but usually penne are used for this recipe.


How to make four cheese pasta

Cut the Galbanino, Gruyere and Fontina cheeses into cubes, and grate the parmesan.

In a saucepan, melt a knob of butter, add the flour and mix.

Add the milk and mix in the cheeses, excluding the grated parmesan.

Cook over a very low heat and mix until you get a smooth cream. Add a grated nutmeg.

Meanwhile, cook the pasta in plenty of salted water.
Drain the pasta and pour it into the saucepan in which you prepared the cream cheese. Add the grated parmesan and sauté the 4 cheese pasta in a pan with the sauce.

Serve the four-cheese pasta on plates, sprinkling with more nutmeg or a little pepper.

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