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Where to Buy Your Fave Childhood Snacks You Can’t Get in Stores

Where to Buy Your Fave Childhood Snacks You Can’t Get in Stores

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1. Dunkaroos

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Perhaps the absolute best snack to find in your lunch box or at summer camp, even when the ratio of cookies to frosting was SO off, Dunkaroos was rudely taken away from all children who love copious amounts of frosting. Dunk away after purchasing them here.

2. Sprinkl’ins Yogurt

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You were without a doubt the most popular kind in the lunch room when you opened up your lunch box to discover Sprinkl’ins yogurt (I know I was). Everyone would crane their heads toward my lunch to see what color or shape sprinkles I had that day and everyone would gasp in awe when I stirred the sprinkles into my yogurt to create a rainbow of pure happiness. You can buy a pack for $2.99 (if you dare) here.

3. French Toast Crunch

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Cinnamon Toast Crunch may triumph now, but French Toast Crunch ruled in the days before. Spend a casual $30 on a box of cereal here.

4. Whistle Pops

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Whistle while you work with some candy that not only tastes lovely, but sounds lovely. To 10 year olds that is. Buy them here and here.

5. Heinz EZ Squirt Ketchup

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I’m really not sure what ever propelled my 7-year-old self to insist on purchasing ketchup with names and colors to match like Blastin’ Green, Funky Purple, Stellar Blue, and perhaps the scariest of all: Mystery Color. Revolted doesn’t even begin to cover it. You fortunately (or unfortunately, for some) cannot purchase this “exotic” condiment, though you can buy a plush version here for nostalgia’s sake.

6. Butterfinger BB’s

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With a description like “obviously very old,” you can take your chances ordering them here. But when you’re desperate, you’re desperate.

7. Ritz Handi Snacks

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Kraft really figured out that all kids want to do is spread a Velveeta-like substance called “cheez” over crackers. Yum. Buy it here.

8. Sprite Remix

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It may have been colorless, and it may have been caffeine-free, but Sprite Remix was loved by all. May you rest in peace. And maybe even purchase one (even if it’s flat…it has been 10 years after all) here.

9. Dorito’s 3D’s

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Clearly Dorito’s wanted to create a food of the future, but their take plummeted into the chasm of failure. Buy them here.

10. Shark Bites

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There’s nothing quite like a ferocious gummy shark. Buy a box for as little as $70 (what a bargain!) here.

11. Fudgsicle Chocolate Fudge Soda

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Though this soda is nowhere to be found on the Internet (Amazon you have let us down!), you can buy Canfield’s chocolate fudge soda, which is similar, here (aaaaaand Amazon you have redeemed yourself).

12. Bar None Chocolate Bar

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Tame the chocolate beasty with Bar None. Okay. You can buy them here or if you happen to be in Mexico.

13. The Wonder Ball

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The most revered candy of the 90′s and the winner of the most tears shed over a ball of chocolate ever, it originally had toys on the inside instead of candy, but was recalled after the toys proved to be a choking hazard. Nestle came back with a new Wonder Ball filled with candy, but was eventually untimely discontinued. Buy your own Wonder Ball here, here and here (though the latter is calling itself Choco Treasure—quite a knock-off).

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