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Feminist Bake Sale Gets Death and Rape Threats for Charging Men More for Cupcakes

Feminist Bake Sale Gets Death and Rape Threats for Charging Men More for Cupcakes

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A gender pay gap bake sale charged men extra for a cupcake to make a point, and the organizers got death threats

Angry criticism was just the icing on the dense cake of over-the-top reactions.

One feminist bake sale in Australia got way more than it bargained for when its organizers tried to make a point about the gender wage gap using cupcakes.

Activists at the University of Queensland organized a bake sale and — to highlight issues about gender-based wage discrepancies — charged men $1 for a cupcake, while white women were charged 83 cents and women of color were only charged 55 cents.

Apparently, this did not fly well with those on and off campus, with many posting death and rape threats to the event organizers on their public Facebook page.

The prices from the bake sale were based on data and statistics from the Australian government’s Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

“Out of all the events we are hosting this week, our innocuous bake sale generated the most attention,” Price told The Washington Post. “It wasn’t meant to be a feature event, yet it riled the most feathers.”

Event planners were hit with death and rape threats from anonymous posters with vitriolic messages like, “I’d punch a chick if she winked at me at the bake sale,” “kill all women,” and “I want to rape these feminist [expletive] with their f—king baked goods.”

The angry messages prompted a discussion amongst the supporters of Feminist Week at Queensland University, and according to The Guardian, these online harassers never actually materialized at the real-life bake sale, which was filled with positivity, fun, and of course, delicious baked goods.


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