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In the Arab countries - Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Palestine - "mamool" are the cakes with which both Muslims and Christians serve their guests for the holidays and are based on semolina flour.
In addition to these cakes, guests are served with soft drinks, chocolate and special holiday candies and bitter coffee with cardamom, boiled until very concentrated.
"Mamool", "maamoul" or "mamoul" have 3 distinct fillings: nuts, dates and pistachios.
They are used to shape some wooden spoons, in which the dough is placed and filled.
According to the shape, it is known what they are filled with: the ones with the shape of a roll are filled with date paste, the round ones with walnuts and cinnamon and the oval ones with pistachios.
The specific spice of these Arabic holiday cakes is: "mahlab".
"Mahla", "Mahleb" or "Mahlepi" is a spice extracted from the seeds of a cherry species: Cerasus mahaleb or "St. Lucia" cherry and has an aroma similar to bitter almond.
It is very popular in all countries of the Middle East, Turkey, Greece, Armenia, Iran, Libya, Egypt, Kuwait, Cyprus in the preparation of holiday cakes or puddings.
I wish you all a Happy Holidays with your loved ones.

Recipes from the Arab world and menus for Ramadan

today I also have spinach, but I opt for the same option, to go next to rice: a few cloves of garlic hardened in oil, then add the spinach washed and scalded beforehand, heat a little, then add a little chicken soup, just to leave a sauce, let it boil as long as necessary, do not cover the pot, to remain the color of spinach. It is served with rice, a wonder & # 33

# 342 sarah_nc

Sara, everything you post here looks great. Seriously & # 33

today I also have spinach, but I opt for the same option, to go next to rice: a few cloves of garlic hardened in oil, then add the spinach washed and scalded beforehand, heat a little, then add a little chicken broth, just enough to leave a sauce, let it boil as long as necessary, do not cover the pot, to remain the color of spinach. It is served with rice, a wonder & # 33

good for all the spinach, when I was a child I didn't even taste it, now I eat it very often and I also taught my son that way.
I also make pasta with spinach, it's wonderful.

so I don't know if I still have the chance to post here because tomorrow I'm going on a mini vacation as a reward for the effort made during Ramadan. Where will we post now?


# 343 rym

Cristina, I want the cake recipes too.

Andreea, Madyna, Sandi, Sara. Have a bright holiday.

Sara, I suggest we stay and post here, even if it's not Ramadan, traditional Arabic recipes.
I hope the other girls agree or anyone else wants to, of course.

# 344 SANDI

[quote name = & # 39rym & # 39 date = & # 39Oct 10 2007, 11:16 PM & # 39 post = & # 39387695 & # 39]
Cristina, I want the cake recipes too.

Andreea, Madyna, Sandi, Sara. Have a bright holiday.

Rym, see that you can find Cristina's recipes for sweets.
I agree with the further posting here of Arabic recipes.
Girls and I wish you EID MUBARAK and you and your loved ones, to have an understanding and all the best.

Lesson (or peppers in tomato sauce)

How long have I been avoiding this Bulgarian salad recipe but yesterday I really felt like it & # 8211 I had everything in the house. Bulgarian Salad & # 8211 VIDEO Recipe & # 8211 LaLena. Quick pie with spinach and cheese. We were looking for a recipe for spinach pie last weeks. An extraordinary donut recipe, in 30 minutes you have a wonderful dessert. Almoixavena & # 8211 Broken Arab donuts step by step and VIDEO & # 8211 LaLena. Rating: 5 & # 8211 21 reviews & # 8211 15 min. Another recipe for quick, beautiful donuts and. Pumpkin zacusca (fast and healthy version) & # 8211 LaLena.

Applications & rsaquo Cooking & Drink apkpure. We have both quick and practical recipes for ordinary days, as well as recipes for holidays, Easter or Christmas, which look spectacular. Biscuits with oats, carrots and ginger lalena Baby Food Recipes, Recipes. Meat in its own juice, in the jar & # 8211 like at home mom! Today I chose to prepare the version with.

We live in the century of speed, time passes us by, and we hardly manage to face it.

Special holiday cakes

We continue our selection of Easter recipes with some very special cakes! Here is what we recommend!

Chocolate cookies in the shape of bunnies

Cookies are an easy sweet dish after a hearty meal and go perfectly with coffee, so you should make such a dessert. And because you can't choose any shape, being such an important holiday, you can go for the chocolate cookies in the shape of bunnies. These cute animals are a classic symbol of Easter and themed desserts are always more successful than usual. Discover the recipe HERE.

You have a choice Easter cake recipes, so, in addition to traditional dishes, try something new to surprise the guests. These Easter recipes have anointed our hearts and we can't wait to find out if you have added them to your holiday menu.

Recipes from the Arab world and menus for Ramadan

3 measures extra fine semolina flour, 1 measure melted butter, 1 measure water, salt.

It is worked in a special bowl for dough, preferably made of wood, bamboo.

It is worked by hand, not in a robot. Mix the flour with the butter and work well then add the water in which we dissolved the salt little by little and work well after which we add a little water again and work well by hand until we get a fine and elastic dough.
The whole secret is the manual work because, the better we work it, the more water it draws.

Then we form round and somewhat supple doves that we bake in tajine or in the Teflon pan (I use Teflon). Brown well on both sides.

Mbâssâs and sesame bread:

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# 42 Madyna

The white ones are MAKROUT LOUZ

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# 43 Madyna

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# 44 Madyna

For the 2nd holy day of Ramadan we have prepared:
-Sheep lamb (not to be missed, later I will replace it with chicken chorba so we don't get bored or with dolma chorba)
-Cakes like yesterday's + Dziriettes B & # 39Icharbet

# 45 Madyna

Carmys, I'll put inchallah recipes on everything you want that I praised the gentleman and take pictures step by step, just tell me exactly what interests you.

# 46 bratiluca

I want to network too. I want the ones from the cakes (especially the white ones). Give me as accurate quantities as possible so that I know how you came out.
Easy post and from now on & # 33

p.s I have many fellow Muslims and I have eaten goodies during these holidays of yours. I haven't tried anything at home, but I'll do it soon (no, I made Andrea's "bread" in France and I really liked it).

# 47 carmys

Thanks Madina. you are pretty I want recipes for soup, bourak and cakes.

# 48 Sheherezada.

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lI fall asleep thinking of you.
Dreaming of things i wish were true.
As i wake i shed a tear,
Cause i awake without you here.
Sheherezada for you & # 33

# 49 andreea fr

Ramadan Karim to all who hold him & # 33 Bravo Madyna hold on tight & # 33

I also make soup (herera) but so the & quotfata & quot doesn't look like yours, mine is red, or maybe you make & quotcomme les algérois & quot baida (white)?

Maqrut I don't even like to drop a candle, but you see that you make them differently from how I know them, maybe you make them in the style of the capital Algiers? I know those from the west to Morocco.

There are some specialties for Ramadan (which are rarely done in Ramadan) ZLABIA and SHAMIA (or qalb el louz) if you do them step by step you could put recipes in pictures?

For those who don't know, these two cakes are sweet to cut your throat, I don't really like them, but for the Arabs it's a tradition, as if the sausages were for the Romanians.

- chicken herera (this is an adaptation of mine, but this version is not very common among Arabs)
- pan-fried zucchini dish

nothing sweet, my Arab is not very friendly with Arab traditions, for him it is stupid to "disguise" yourself with sugar after a light day.

- herera (with beef)
- bricks (have a different shape than Medynaei)
- kind of kind (pepper, not to be confused with the name from I don't know what from Israel)
- simple shrimp
- tagine with olives and french fries
- shamia (heart of louz)

I did all this yesterday because I had guests, but today I don't do anything because there was enough left yesterday.

# 50 Madyna

First of all, thank you Andreea for receiving our fast of all.

The cakes are not as sweet as I can't stand the sweet ones which is very sweet. They are mostly made of almonds, meaning they are the kind of not very sweet stuff. It is true that they have many things that are exaggeratedly sweet, but the ones I prepare are not at the top in this regard.

I have step by step pictures of everything I have prepared and I will put them, I promise.

At Makrout it's true Andreea that I changed the shape a bit and made them in the oven, not in hot oil.

And one more thing, even if they are not very sweet, even in the original version, I still use fructose instead of sugar to make it even lighter.

I'll be back with today's dishes.

# 51 Madyna

Andreeala Algerian chorba is about two kinds of red or white, that's how they classify it.

Mine is white as you can see, but I will soon make the red one to change. chromatic.

Cakes and pies

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How to prepare the tenderest homemade sausages

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I love like crazy, you can find absolutely everything that interests you, that delights me! and kiss, MARIANA -CLUJ-NAPOCA

Coconut candies. Ingredients: 250 g margarine, 250 g vanilla-flavored powdered sugar, 250 g powdered milk, 250 g coconut, 100 g hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds Preparation: Set aside 100g coconut. Mix the rest of the coconut with the margarine, sugar and powdered milk until it forms a thick and homogeneous paste. From this paste we form balls by hand around hazelnuts (or walnuts, almonds, etc.). We roll these balls through the preserved coconut. Place on a plate and leave to harden a little.

great recipes! give you summer recipes not from the winter holidays! give you a recipe that matches the holiday of August 15! poop

I would like more cake recipes. will pooop .FLOWERS from Mangalia

I mix biscuits instead of coconut and I put cherries in the middle and then I roll them through coconut of various colors! VERY GOOD!

Rub the butter a little with the sugar and then add the other ingredients

First we make mayonnaise, which we leave to grow in a warm place.

Mix the rest of the dough ingredients without the 3 tablespoons of oil. Add water gradually. Knead on the robot for about 5 minutes. Then add the oil and knead for another 5 minutes.

Put the dough in a large bowl, leave to rise for 45 minutes in a warm place. The dough should be quite soft and elastic.

It is divided into two. Spread a sheet. Put the cream. Roll and cut into 4 cm slices (approximately).

They are placed in a tray with removable walls (diameter 26-28cm) greased and lined with flour. Then grease with beaten egg.

Leave to rise for 30 minutes in a warm place.

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees about 10 minutes before placing the tray. When you put the tray in the oven, lower the temperature to 180 degrees.

Marbled pandispan with cherries, the most. Top 15 Festive Cake Recipes for the Holidays & # 8211 They are indispensable, along with a cream cake. Homemade cakes - Mosaic cake with walnuts. In today's collection of festive cakes you will be able to find beloved recipes, old recipes, traditional but. How to Make Snickers Dessert Cake. You have the freedom to pay in installments, you benefit from the promotions of the day, the opening of the package upon delivery.

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Video: Maamoul pastries for the Holidays. (July 2022).


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