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Banana apple smoothie recipe

Banana apple smoothie recipe

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Kids will love this smoothie! Sweet, refreshing and full of vitamins, it can be prepared throughout the year.

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IngredientsMakes: 2 tall glasses

  • 2 apples - cored, peeled and chopped
  • 2 ripe bananas, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 250g natural yoghurt
  • 120ml milk

MethodPrep:5min ›Ready in:5min

  1. Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until mixture is smooth and creamy. Serve chilled.

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Easiest Way to Make Banana & Apple Smoothie Tasty

Banana & Apple Smoothie – A banana is an elongated, edible fruit – botanically a berry – produced by several kinds of large herbaceous flowering plants in the genus Musa. In some countries, bananas used for cooking may be called "plantains", distinguishing them from dessert bananas. The fruit is variable in size, color, and firmness, but is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a. Do you know your chef’s knife from a paring knife, or when to use a serrated knife over a cleaver? Every knife, just like the myriad kitchen tools out there, has a purpose.

Through thoughtful design, we create clothing and accessories with detailed craftsmanship in luxurious materials. As a bonus, bananas can replace the potassium lost in sweat during prolonged. The health benefits of banana include helping with weight loss, reducing obesity, curing intestinal disorders, relieving constipation, and conditions like dysentery, anemia, arthritis, gout, kidney, and urinary disorders. Tasty Banana & Apple Smoothie recipe and process is really a culmination of the little recommendations I have discovered within the last 5 years. Banana & Apple Smoothie is definitely a week-end cooking project, which will be to express you`ll need a couple of hours to complete it, but once you have got the approach down you can cook more than one group at the same time for family picnics or just to possess cold areas to eat from the refrigerator on a whim.

Today, We are planning to show you how to make Banana & Apple Smoothie for Mom with simple ingredients, exactly like Chinese restaurants. My Banana & Apple Smoothie recipe is the greatest in the world!

I may also educate you on how to utilize up leftover steamed rice and ensure it is into an appetizing, cheap, and flavorful meal for the entire family!

I attempted using slightly less water than normal, which includes been suggested elsewhere. It helped a little sometimes, but different occasions, I’d to incorporate more and more water while the quinoa was cooking. Then, the dry quinoa absorbed way too much of the dressing I included later.

Why Banana & Apple Smoothie?

Whether you live on your own or are an active parent, finding the time and energy to prepare home-cooked foods may look such as a overwhelming task. At the conclusion of a hectic day, eating out or ordering in may feel like the quickest, best option. But convenience and prepared food may take a significant cost on your own mood and health.

Eateries frequently offer more food than you ought to eat. Several eateries offer portions that are two to three situations larger than the suggested nutritional guidelines. This encourages you to consume a lot more than you would at home, adversely affecting your waistline, body force, and danger of diabetes.

Whenever you ready your own meals, you’ve more get a grip on over the ingredients. By cooking on your own, you are able to make certain that you and your loved ones consume new, nutritious meals. This can help you to check and feel healthy, raise your energy, secure your fat and mood, and boost your sleep and resilience to stress.

You can cook Banana & Apple Smoothie using 6 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Banana & Apple Smoothie:

  1. You need 1 of banana sliced.
  2. Prepare 1 of apple sliced.
  3. You need 1/2 (1 cup) of milk.
  4. Prepare 1/2 cup of oats.
  5. It’s 1/2 cup of yogurt.
  6. Prepare 1 cup of ice.

Banana can also help with menstrual problems and burns. It is good for reducing blood pressure, protecting heart health, boosting metabolism and immunity, reducing the. Find banana recipes, videos, and ideas from Food Network. The banana plant is classified as an arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb, and the banana itself is considered a berry.

Banana & Apple Smoothie step by step:

  1. Add yogurt and milk to a blender..
  2. Add banana and apple slices..
  3. Add oats and ice..
  4. Set blender to fruit smoothie..
  5. Push down ingredients with a wooden spoon until fully blended..
  6. Serve and enjoy..

A bunch of bananas is called a hand a single banana is a finger. Banana, fruit of the genus Musa, one of the most important fruit crops of the world. The banana is grown in the tropics, and, though it is most widely consumed in those regions, it is valued worldwide for its flavor, nutritional value, and availability throughout the year. The most common type is the Cavendish, which is a type of dessert banana. Green when unripe, it yellows as it matures.

It’s cheaper to eat fast food than Banana & Apple Smoothie

Initially glance, it may look that consuming at a junk food restaurant is more affordable than creating a home-cooked meal. But that is seldom the case. A examine from the School of Washington School of Community Wellness exposed that individuals who prepare in the home generally have healthiest overall diets without larger food expenses. Another study found that regular house cooks used about $60 each month less on food than those who ate out more often.

I don’t know how to make Banana & Apple Smoothie

  • If you’re discouraged by the outlook of organizing a home-cooked food, it’s important to consider that cooking is not an precise science.
  • It’s usually perfectly OK to skip an element or replacement something for another Banana & Apple Smoothie.
  • Look online or purchase a fundamental cookbook for easy formula ideas.
  • Much like any such thing, the more you prepare, the better you’ll become. Even when you’re an entire novice in the kitchen, you’ll shortly master some rapid, healthy meals.

What recipe must I personally use for Banana & Apple Smoothie?

Neutral oils like canola, vegetable and peanut oil have higher smoking items, creating them ideal for baking chicken. Learn more about choosing the proper gas for frying.

What must and mustn’t be performed when preparing Banana & Apple Smoothie

  • Ensure everything is freezing in a sealable box or bag.
  • Beef particularly must be effectively wrapped.
  • Make bread straight from fridge, anti-waste plan urges.
  • Remember that anything that has a higher water material, like lettuce, won’t be the same after being freezing and then defrosted.
  • Attempt to freeze everything when at its freshest. Defrost beef thoroughly before cooking, but other items such as for example bread for toasting can be grilled straight from the freezer.
  • Never refreeze fresh meat that has been frozen and then thawed – you are able to, nevertheless, freeze grilled meat that was freezing when raw.
  • Make sure the freezer isn’t stuffed therefore complete that air can’t circulate.

Strategies for getting started!

Focus on new, balanced ingredients. Baking sweet sweets such as brownies, cakes, and biscuits will not help your wellbeing or your waistline. Likewise,
adding a lot of sugar or sodium may convert a healthy home-cooked food in to an harmful one. To make sure your diet are good for you as well as being tasty, begin with healthy materials and taste with spices as opposed to sugar or salt.

Inventory on staples. Materials such as for example grain, pasta, essential olive oil, herbs, flour, and stock cubes are staples you’ll probably use regularly. Keeping beers of tuna, beans, tomatoes and bags of freezing vegetables available could be useful in rustling up quick dishes when you are pressed for time.

Give your self some leeway. It’s fine to burn off the rice or over-cook the veggies. After having a few attempts it are certain to get easier, faster, and nicer!

To make this smoothie, you just need a few pantry staple ingredients and a high-speed blender. Start by preparing your produce. Roughly chop one green apple into pieces. The pieces don’t have to be uniform but should be small enough for your blender to break them down without much of a struggle. You can leave the skin on for extra fiber and nutrients. Just be sure to remove all seeds and core.

Likewise, peel the banana and cut or break it into roughly 1-inch pieces. Add all of the fruit to your blender, along with ¼ cup of unsweetened apple juice, ¼ cup plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of old-fashioned oats, and a pinch of ground cinnamon.

Turn on the blender and let it do the work! You should have a light, fluffy, and smooth drink in minutes. You can always add more apple juice if your blender needs more liquid for even blending. For a thicker smoothie, use frozen banana, Greek yogurt, or less apple juice.

Try our smoothie recipe ebook and learn how to incorporate your favorite fruits and veggies into smoothies.


1. Break banana up by hand into small pieces and add to Magic Bullet tall cup. 2. Use cross blade, add a splash of water to help in blending and blend till banana turns into a nice thin consistency. 3. Core the Granny Smith apple and cut into small bits and pieces, adding it to the tall cup with the blended banana. 4. Blend ingredients again with same cross blade until it turns into a thin consistency. 5. Add whole or crushed ice to tall cup, and blend again till the ice is chunks are finely blended with ingredients. 6. Enjoy the smoothie in the same Magic Bullet tall cup using a lip ring! Cooks' note: Can be refrigerated for a few hours, great pick me up on a hot summer day.

How Can This Ayurvedic Recipe Make You Feel Great?


Summer Circulation

Dramatic changes in circulation by late spring help your body adapt to the brutal summer sun. A red, flushed face on a hot mid-summer afternoon reveals how your body keeps cool - by circulating more blood close to your skin. More blood in your skin means you radiate more heat away and encourage evaporation of sweat.

Heat also increases your heart rate, bringing with it courage, boldness, and a sense of summer adventure. It also relaxes your muscles, which feel heavy during the dog days of summer. Dilation of blood vessels lowers blood pressure and causes swelling in the hands and feet on warm days.

Sweat: Water or Blood?

Although sweat cools the body, it depletes vital fluids, making dehydration a serious concern this time of year. But sweat is more than mere water. It also contains electrolytes and oils, and is more like blood plasma. That's why Ayurveda equates sweating to bleeding. While summer sweat is inevitable, it shouldn't be encouraged.

As it depletes electrolytes, the summer sun withers your strength. Electrolyte loss causes fatigue and eventually muscle spasms. Leg cramps, often called "charlie horses" is a common sign of low electrolyte/potassium levels. A pounding headache may accompany your fatigue and the feeling that you've been cooked beneath the summer sun.

You can prevent dehydration by paying attention to your tongue: a dry tongue or palate is one of the first signs of dehydration. When fluid loss is sufficient to dry up saliva, stomach glands are also too dry to produce the 2/3's of a liter of hydrochloric acid necessary for digestion.

Refresh, Replenish & Keep Cool

Apples, bananas and limes are juicy. They replenish electrolytes and restore energy after sweating or whenever muscles are tired in the afternoon. Bananas are especially high in potassium and also contain Tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known as the "happy and relaxed" hormone.

Light for Summer Digestion


On hot & lazy summer mornings, start your day with a refreshing, thirst quenching breakfast that replenishes your strength and vitality.

This delicious smoothie is loved by kids and adults alike, and it's easy enough to blend up when friends and neighbors drop by. It's ideal for breakfast or to replenish electrolytes during an afternoon lull. Best of all, it's dairy and ice-free.

Commonly Asked Questions About Apple Banana Smoothies

Here are some questions I frequently get asked about by some readers…

How do I make my apple pie smoothie thicker?

If your smoothie is too thin, add a bit more nut butter to it. You can also make it thicker with a few ice cubes.

My smoothie is too thick! What do I do?

If your smoothie is too thick to drink, you probably need a little more almond milk. You can also thin it down with a little bit of water, but that will also dilute the flavor of the smoothie.

What are some things I can add on top of my apple pie smoothie?

Some of my favorite healthy smoothie toppings are sugar-free whipped cream, chopped walnuts, or even some chopped-up apple pieces and toasted granola.

How do I freeze my own apples?

Using frozen apple slices will give your smoothie a better texture (and save you prep time in the kitchen).

To freeze fresh apples, just follow these steps:

  1. Peel and core your apple.
  2. Cut the apple into medium-sized pieces.
  3. Add a cup of water with 1 tablespoon of lemon juice and soak the apple slices in it for 5 minutes. Pat them dry.
  4. Place the apples on a baking sheet. Don't let the pieces touch.
  5. Freeze the apples on the baking sheet for at least 4 hours. After they are completely frozen, place them in a resealable freezer bag and put the bag back in the freezer.

The apples will stay fresh for up to 9 months!

Which is the best blender to use for smoothies?

If you are just making a smoothie for yourself, then you probably only need a single-serve Nutri Ninja Blender. If you will be making smoothies for other family members (like kids), then I suggest investing in a larger one like a Vitamix.

Vitamix blenders are powerhouses that last forever! I highly recommend it if you plan to make these smoothie recipes frequently.

Do you need to peel apples for a smoothie?

this really comes down to preference and the power of your blender. If you have a high powered blender, like a Vitamix, then you can leave the apple peel on. Just make sure to wash it well.

If you prefer the apple without skin or have a weaker blender, it's best to peel it first for a creamier smoothie.

This smoothie is best if prepared with equal volumes of apples, bananas, carrots, and oranges. Wash and quarter the apple, removing the core from each quarter. Place in a high speed blender.

Peel the banana and add to the blender. Wash and peel the carrot, cut into pieces, and add to the blender. Peel the orange, remove any seeds, and add to the blender. Add the dates, flax seed and the ice.

Cover the blender and blend at high speed until smooth. If the mixture is too thick, add a little cold water. Serve in a glass with a straw, and enjoy!

How To Make The Best Banana Smoothie

My basic smoothie recipe calls for four simple ingredients:

Banana — I use one banana to make one large or two smaller (kid-size) smoothies. For the best tasting smoothie, use a ripe banana. For the creamiest banana smoothie, use frozen banana slices (I’ve shared how I freeze bananas for smoothies below).

Half an orange — When I have oranges in the house, I love adding them to my morning smoothie. It adds extra vitamin C and tropical flavor. If you don’t have oranges on hand, don’t worry, you can substitute other fruits like mango, pineapple, and berries.

Plain or Greek yogurt — To be honest, I don’t always add yogurt to my smoothies, but when I do have it in the fridge, adding a spoonful ensures a protein-packed and creamy smoothie. For a smoothie without yogurt, add a little extra fruit or include veggies (like spinach or kale) instead.

Water or milk — To help the ingredients blend, I like adding a splash of liquid to the blender. For a smoothie without milk, use water. It still tastes amazing. For more creaminess use milk (dairy or non-dairy both work).

To make the smoothie, I add everything into a blender, and then blend until smooth. For an icy cold smoothie, throw in a handful of ice or use frozen fruits.

How To Freeze Fruit For Smoothies

To make smoothies even easier, freeze fresh fruit into portions. You can even prepare smoothie packs and freeze them for a grab and blend smoothie option.

To freeze fruit for smoothies, rinse and chop fresh fruit into small pieces. Pat them dry then arrange, in one layer, on a parchment paper lined baking sheet. Slide the baking sheet into the freezer and freeze until hard (two to three hours).

When the fruit is hard, divide it between freezer-safe bags and keep in the freezer for your next smoothie.

Banana Smoothie Variations

As I mentioned above, this smoothie recipe is delicious as written, but it can also be used as a base for other smoothie recipes. We shared a few suggestions in the video, but I’ll add even more below:

  • Add more fruit (fresh or frozen). I love mango, pineapple, and berries.
  • Add greens like spinach, kale, or Swiss chard. I add one to two cups.
  • Add healthy fat with some avocado.
  • Add more protein and fiber with hemp seeds, chia seeds, or your favorite protein powder.
  • Add nuttiness and extra sticking power with a tablespoon of peanut butter, almond butter, or other nut butter.
  • Add some chocolate with a tablespoon of cocoa powder or my favorite, cacao nibs.
  • Add fresh ginger or turmeric or add dried spices like ground cinnamon or ground turmeric.

More Smoothie Recipes

  • Make this protein-packed green smoothie recipe with fresh spinach, banana, orange, and Greek yogurt in under 5 minutes.
  • Our easy blueberry smoothie recipe that keeps you happy for hours. One small smoothie offers almost 5 grams of fiber as well as 5 grams of protein.
  • With 6 grams of protein and 7 grams of fiber, this utterly delicious strawberry banana smoothie will keep you full and energized for your day.
  • Or try this chocolate chia pudding, a simple breakfast made with chia seeds

Recipe updated, originally posted January 2013. Since posting this in 2013, we have tweaked the recipe to be more clear and added a quick recipe video. – Adam and Joanne

How do you store and ripen bananas?

Bananas are harvested when green and ripen immediately once cut from the plant. There are five stages of ripeness green, yellow with green tips, yellow, yellow with brown flecks and brown. As you’ve noticed, the riper the banana, the more sweet and creamy, but also the texture becomes softer. Bananas should be stored at room temperature. You can quickly ripen a more green banana overnight by putting it in a brown paper bag with an apple or tomato. The natural ethylene gas from the fruits in a closed container accelerates the ripening process. Never store green banana in the refrigerator, only yellow ripe bananas that you want to slow the ripening process. You can use the overripe bananas for banana bread or muffins. I like to keep a bag of frozen bananas to add to my smoothies for that creamy texture.

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Kale, Apple, & Banana Smoothie

Kale, Apple, and Banana Smoothie &ndash the perfect healthy breakfast or snack, and so easy to blend together! If you think you don&rsquot like green smoothies, this one will change your mind! It&rsquos so good!

If you indulged a bit much over the holidays like I know I did, this Kale, Apple, and Banana Smoothie is the perfect way to kick start your day in a healthy way!

Kale is a superfood and has become pretty popular lately. I&rsquod say that&rsquos a good thing, though, as anything that gets people eating healthier is a winner in my book.

I&rsquove been making green smoothies for awhile now, but have always chosen spinach since it has a milder taste. Then I did a little reading and learned that switching up your greens is actually recommended to prevent alkaloid buildup. You can read about it here, if you&rsquore interested. I decided it was time to try some new greens, and kale has been my ingredient of choice ever since!

This Kale, Apple, and Banana Smoothie is my favorite smoothie, and I make it a few times a week for breakfast. I like to chop up some bananas and keep them in the freezer to use for smoothies because they make them nice and cold, and also lend a creamy texture. Smoothies are so versatile, and you can use whatever ingredients appeal to you. Sometimes I use coconut water in place of the orange juice, or throw in some pineapple instead of the apple. It&rsquos all up to you! And the orange juice does a great job of masking the kale if you&rsquore concerned about its taste!

For a single serving, I use about half of a chopped apple and half of a banana. I have a little three year old to help eat the leftover pieces, but you can always double the amount of ingredients and just enjoy a larger smoothie without any waste.

Just add the fruit with a few big leaves of kale (I remove the ribs and stems,) and about 1/2 cup of orange juice to your blender. If your banana is fresh and not frozen, you might also want to add a handful of ice to make it nice and cold.

Blend until smooth and grab a fun straw to drink all that healthy goodness up with! Straws always make beverages more enjoyable, right?

If you&rsquore new to green smoothies, give them a try. I was apprehensive at first, too, but now I love them! They are delicious, and such an easy way to get healthy, whole foods into your diet. My three year old loves them, too!

Enjoy! I hope you all are having a fabulous start to your New Year!


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