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Buckwheat and cranberry pie

Buckwheat and cranberry pie

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There buckwheat and blueberry pie red o Schwarzplententorte, is a typical cake of Alto Adige, precisely from the area of ​​South Tyrol. A cake that reminds me of my travels as a child with my family and the most recent ones, when last month I went to visit the Christmas markets with Ivano and my Elisa. Now, maybe I can't wait to go to the mountains, or because I brought home a delicious blueberry jam from Merano, but the Buckwheat and Cranberry Cake has climbed to the top of my heart by entering the top ten of mine favorite cakes.
So, since this Buckwheat cake it is also very beautiful to look at and has bright colors, I chose it as the first recipe to be published on the blog to start this 2019 in the best possible way. The recipe is from the blog "Dulcisss in the oven"

and it is thus perfect in its doses and in the procedure. If you try it, let me know :)

Chop the hazelnuts, peel and grate the apple. Put them in a bowl together with the flour, the starch, the grated lemon peel and the baking powder.
Separate the yolks from the whites and keep them aside.
Mix the butter with the sugar with a whisk until creamy. Then add the egg yolks and continue to whisk. Finally add the mix of flour, hazelnuts and apples.

When the mixture is well blended, add the whipped egg whites, stirring gently from bottom to top with a spatula.

Pour the mixture into a greased and floured cake pan. Bake the cake in a preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 45 minutes.

Once cooked, let it cool. Then place the cake on a plate and cut it in half then cover with 3/4 of the blueberry jam.
Close the cake and exert a slight pressure on the surface, then cover it with the remaining jam.

Decorate the cake Buckwheat and cranberry cake with almond slices and serve.

Buckwheat cake

There recipe of the Buckwheat cake a rich and delicious rustic cake, prepared with buckwheat flour. Buckwheat and blueberry cake or Buchweizentorte it's a German cake typical ofSouth Tyrol, my region, fluffy, soft and gluten free. Below you will find the Buckwheat Cake in his original recipe, exactly what you can taste in mountain farms or in Tyrolean pastry shops. The dough of cake with buckwheat flour contrasts with the sweet taste of blueberry jam. The right jam for this cake is there cranberry compote, richer in fruit than a classic jam.

Do not miss this cake, if you love sweets with buckwheat flour, such as la Buckwheat tart. Particular and delicious, here it is recipe of Buckwheat cake or Buchweizentorte or Schwarzplententorte (original German names).

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Buckwheat and Cranberry Pie - Recipes

The one in the photo below is the last slice, what remains of this good cake, indeed very good! Even better after a few days.
I had it prepared last Saturday for a dinner, then the guests brought some pastries [very good, slurp!] and the cake became the Sunday lunch dessert.
Only yesterday I remembered not to have photographed it, just in time!
The recipe I used is that of Chamomile, always very reliable!

150 g of white flour
100 g of buckwheat flour
200 g of cranberry jam (I used Austrian jam, super!)
150 g of walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts
6 eggs
300 g of granulated sugar
100 g of butter
1 sachet of baking powder
Powdered sugar for sprinkling

In a bowl, whisk the eggs with the sugar using an electric mixer until the mixture is light and fluffy. In a blender, finely chop walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts. Sprinkle in the two sifted flours, mixing them with the dough, then add the dried fruit, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon. Melt the butter in a saucepan or in the microwave and add it to the mixture along with the yeast. Stir again.
Grease and flour an opening circle cake pan measuring 24 or 26 cm in diameter (see note below), pour the mixture inside and bake in the preheated oven at 170 & # 176 for about 40 minutes (I served about a & # 8217; # 8217 now, but as I always say my oven is not very reliable). After this time, do the usual toothpick test, when it comes out dry and clean the cake will be cooked.
Take the cake out of the oven and let it cool on a cake rack. Using a knife, cut it in half horizontally and stuff the lower part thus obtained with the cranberry jam with the help of a spoon. Recompose the cake by placing the top and sprinkle with icing sugar. To taste, serve with fresh whipped cream.

I forgot! This morning the first Swap package arrived, here it is!

Buckwheat and Cranberry Pie - Recipes

I first met this cake when my colleague brought me a slice to the office although to be honest the one I tasted tasted and looked completely different from the buckwheat cakes I found on the web. What I tasted for the first time was a kind of shortcrust pastry made with buckwheat flour and stuffed with plum jam. Right after tasting that shortcrust pastry I went in search of buckwheat flour and I did this cake good but with a particular taste because, having used only buckwheat flour, the flavor was a bit too much. All in all I liked it. After doing this cake And these muffins and then again The dumplings I didn't know what else to do to finish the bag of flour, then I saw this cake similar to the one I had made some time ago but with a different dose. Confident in the different holidays in the mountains of Chamomile from which many of his local recipes originate I have made this cake . I must say that I liked it more than the first one I had made as it is very soft inside thanks to the dried fruit. It has a rustic flavor but at the same time not too strong. Chamomile suggests to accompany it with a nice tuft of whipped cream. This time I didn't have it but I'm sure it would have been great.

Ingredients for a 26 cm mold:
150 grams of white flour
100 gr of buckwheat flour
200 gr of cranberry jam
150 gr of walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts
300 grams of granulated sugar
100 gr of butter
6 eggs
1 sachet of baking powder
powdered sugar to decorate

in a bowl, whip the eggs with the sugar until the mixture is puffy and fluffy. Finely chop the dried fruit. Incorporate the two sifted flours, dried fruit, melted butter and finally the yeast into the eggs. Pour the mixture into a greased and floured mold and bake at 170 & # 176 for 35 & # 8211 40 minutes.
Remove the cake from the oven, let it cool and cut it into two equal parts, stuff it with the jam, sprinkle with icing sugar and serve.

Note: I used a 20 cm mold, halving the doses.

Savory Pie With Gluten Free Buckwheat

Very easy to prepare without gluten and without cheese, it can also be frozen in portions. Cake with buckwheat flour.

And Here We Are At The End Of This Sweet Week Dedicated To Apple Pies This And My Last Proposal Buckwheat Sweet Food Ideas Recipes

Nut and buckwheat cake - gluten free recipe.

Savory pie with gluten-free buckwheat. I continue with the classic apple pie a carrot pie and a very soft pumpkin pie perfect for breakfast and every day snack. And a gluten-free savory pie thanks to the use of buckwheat. 150 gr of shelled walnuts 150 gr of buckwheat flour 150 gr of cane sugar 100 gr of butter 1 sachet of baking powder 2 eggs l.

150 g of white buckwheat flour. A great way to use naturally gluten-free flour with a unique flavor. Gluten-free buckwheat cake.

The recipes with buckwheat flour also include sweet and delicious preparations like the case of this soft gluten-free apple pie We will make the dough of this cake with buckwheat flour by mixing it with almond flour for a sweeter taste. It is therefore suitable for those who are intolerant to gluten and celiacs but it is also good for everyone else. Pizzas and savory pies Savory pie of buckwheat flour with spinach.

1 pinch of baking soda. Laccoppiata herbs-stracchino then makes it suitable even for the little ones who are usually quite untrustworthy when it comes to vegetables. Appetizing second course or delicious appetizer, perhaps even a single course for lunch or dinner.

350 g of gluten-free bread mix. For those looking for original recipes to amaze their guests, I suggest instead the pink cream cake, the lemon spring cake and the decorated snowflake cake, also ideal for. It is a reinterpretation WITHOUT BUTTER and WITHOUT EGGS of the South Tyrolean BUCHWEIZENTORTE also known as Schwarzplententorte or black polenta cake and I couldn't wait to share it with you.

Prepare gluten-free buckwheat cake with Paneangeli products that can be purchased on e-commerce. 242 44 Medium 85 min READ RECIPE. 6 votes 2 198 Easy dessert 1 hour 778 kcal.

Buckwheat focaccia with cooked ham and mozzarella. When you present the buckwheat savory pie it will be difficult to place it. Savory gluten-free, dairy-free, radicchio and walnut cake.

We should also have added no butter or milk to talk about the egg-free and gluten-free buckwheat and rice tart. The buckwheat savory pie with herbs and stracchino is made completely hand made using gluten-free flours, therefore it is suitable for all those who are intolerant or celiac but it is also so inviting as to please even those who are not celiac. A very quick recipe even for beginners You can bring this fantastic gluten-free buckwheat savory pie to the table and make it in no time.

Discover the recipe Gluten-free buckwheat cake with ingredients list. And if you are surprised. Savory pies Savory courgette pie.

2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. The dough is compact and very workable even for those who love tarts with many curlicues. Buckwheat savory pie with spinach.

Free is the magazine dedicated to gluten-free food with tasty and easy-to-prepare recipes. No, the tart is not only sweet but can also be salty. The buckwheat savory pie with Jerusalem artichoke potatoes and winter spinach lends itself easily to being enjoyed in the office in the form of schisceta as they call it in my area or as a dinner-saving idea.

1 teaspoon of fine salt. Jim Rohn Our physical well-being comes primarily from what we ingest. 150 g of broccoli.

Buckwheat gluten-free tart with ricotta and strawberries. An alternative to the traditional homemade tart, the cake is also made very practical. The GLUTEN-FREE VEGAN BUCKWHEAT CAKE with BLUEBERRY JAM is one of my favorite recipes, very easy to prepare and low in fat.

Shortcrust pastry is a butter-based pastry very similar to shortcrust pastry and can be prepared with or without eggs. This buckwheat savory pie with stracchino does not use gluten-containing flours. The buckwheat savory pie with herbs and stracchino is gluten-free.

Take good care of your body is the only place you have to live. The combination of herbs with soft cheese also makes it perfect for children who are always a little wary of eating vegetables. 350 ml of sparkling water.

Leek pie with buckwheat and pecorino A delicious savory pie made from gluten-free flour and flavored with the sweetness of leeks and the stronger character of pecorino Recipe by Antonio Zucco. To be well and healthy you need to love yourself and take care of yourself also through nutrition. First let the blackberries macerate with 30 g of brown sugar for at least 15 minutes.

Buckwheat tart is a tart prepared with this particular very good and particular flour similar to wholemeal but much, much tastier that is perfect with my friend Leyla's cranberry jam. The zucchini quiche is a savory pie with a brisè base that contains a filling of zucchini and Taleggio that is tasty and very simple to make. Preparation of Soft Gluten Free Cake with Buckwheat Flour 1.

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Find out how easy it is to make this recipe with your Thermomix and look at the other proposals in the Sweet baked goods section. Buckwheat and walnut cake - gluten free recipe Buckwheat and blueberry cake Buckwheat cake with blueberry jam Buckwheat cake with fruit jam.

Buckwheat Cake With Jam Thermomix Recipes Recipe Cakes Recipes Food Ideas

It is a recipe also suitable for celiacs as both the buckwheat flour and the rice flour used in this cake are gluten-free.

Thermomix buckwheat flour cake recipe. For the shortcrust pastry 200 g buckwheat flour 100 g butter cold water salt pepper dried legumes for cooking white. In our case for the preparation of the base we use buckwheat flour instead of 00. BISCUITS WITH BUCKWHEAT recipe by bebabimby.

The buckwheat cake and red currant jam is a typical Altotesino dessert and the recipe is by Annalize Kompatscher. Croissant for breakfast the vegan recipe. The buckwheat cake has an intense aroma is a rustic cake with a strong flavor but sweetened by blueberry jam.

These light and crumbly shortbread biscuits are perfect as a breakfast to soak in milk or to serve with afternoon tea for a simple snack. You have to try it too, you will feel that they smell already from cooking in the oven. The recipe for preparing Schwarzplententorte with the thermomix.

Buckwheat and hazelnut cake. It is a seed rich in phosphorus, potassium and magnesium, it contains good amounts of vitamins B and K and soluble fiber. 1 jar of low-fat white yogurt.

250 grams of buckwheat flour. Happy weekend to everyone. Small glasses of cream and dark chocolate.

Here is the recipe for making buckwheat spatzles with the Thermomix for a rustic flavor and a gluten-free dish. EASY HEALTHY COOKING RECIPES. And here we are on Friday I couldn't wait for him to arrive to publish this marvelous recipe.

The buckwheat and chocolate cake is a particular soft cake in which the traditional flour is replaced with that of buckwheat with a decidedly different taste. Buckwheat flour is a particular flour has a rich and decisive flavor is perfect for making many delicious desserts like this apple pie. Add 250 g of Manitoba flour 150 g of 00 flour 100 g of buckwheat flour and a teaspoon of salt.

70 gr of brown sugar. Soft and fragrant, it can be kept as just made for several days. Buckwheat with walnuts Cake 11 recipes.

The grated rind of an untreated lemon. In fact, buckwheat is part of the pseudo-cereal family. How to prepare biscuits with almond flour and buckwheat with the Vorwerk Thermomix Learn how to prepare delicious dishes with our Thermomix recipes.

Aged to try this cake I love the unmistakable flavor of buckwheat flour and I was curious to taste the combination with hazelnuts and the sweet contrast of the jam. A soft and light dessert without butter and with only 1 egg. Buckwheat biscuits are tasty biscuits with a slightly rustic flavor and fragrant low in gluten because they are made with little 00 flour that can be replaced with rice flour and buckwheat flour, sugar and eggs.

Thermomix vegan chocolate cake. Thermomix buckwheat and red currant cake. Buckwheat is a perfect wheat substitute for those sensitive to wheat or other grains that contain gluten proteins.

If you like coffee and you are a lover of buckwheat flour, don't miss the recipe for Coffee and hazelnut cake with buckwheat flour. Recipe compatible with Thermomix TM6TM5TM31 and TM21. Thermomix recipes with buckwheat flour.

Follow me in the recipe that we prepare together this delicious apple pie with buckwheat flour. The traditional recipe involves the use of butter but this version does not contain it and is completely replaced by seed oil. THE BUCKWHEAT PLUMCAKE RECIPE.

1 sachet of baking powder. A really great cake indeed. Find out how easy it is to make this recipe with your Thermomix and look at the other proposals in the Sweet baked goods section.

5 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. The buckwheat cake with thermomix is ​​a typical Trentino dessert prepared with buckwheat flour and red fruit jam. Grease a large bowl form a ball with the dough cover the bowl with cling film and let it rise in the oven off with a saucepan of boiling water about 1 hour until doubled.

The recipe for buckwheat savory pie with herbs and stracchino. It has been a very long time since vol. It had been a while that I had some buckwheat flour and surfing the internet I found the perfect recipe to prepare the Schwarzplententorte with the thermomix.

Cinnamon and lemon buckwheat flour cake The qualified remedy to deal with the first cold. Buckwheat cake recipe with pieva strawberry jam 1905. It is a cake that has in common with the previous one a dough based on buckwheat flour but differs from it for the presence of apples and the absence of the filling.

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Buckwheat and Cranberry Pie - Recipes

The wind & # 8230.the cats & # 8230the dog & # 8230..tell me how you can take decent pictures when you have around so many beautiful kittens and a huge dog always hungry and say that I always beg my husband to feed them before do my & # 8220 job & # 8221 as an inexperienced photographer which I am. To all this is often added the wind that lifts my placemat, covering my plate and getting dirty with everything that the plate contains. The solution to this disaster? Photographing at home but & # 8230 I would never do it so I complain but I continue to be disheartened.

This you see below is my sweet Calvina ... always hungry, like her mistress.

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They had to take me home, the kitten was scared and scratching and I risked an accident.

How to call it? Calvina of course.

Now let's dedicate ourselves to dessert & # 8230 & # 8230.

Recipe posted by Maria Bianco on

250 g of Farabella wholemeal buckwheat flour

250 g of almond flour (I blended the white almonds to powder)

half a sachet of baking powder

cranberry jam

mix for Fabbri fiordilatte ice cream

340 ml of cold milk from the refrigerator

a peanut of butter and a little flour for the pan

Soften the butter (personally I put it in the microwave for a moment) and whip it, in a bowl, with an electric mixer, add the sugar first, then the six yolks, one at a time, continuing to whip.

Now it's time to combine the two flours and the yeast sifted several times. Once this is done, the dough is quite firm but the egg whites still need to be added which will make everything softer.

Whisk the six egg whites with a pinch of salt and slowly incorporate them into the mixture using a spoon but adopting the usual correct method of mixing from the bottom upwards in order not to dismantle everything.

Now all that remains is to grease and flour a large cake pan and pour the creamy mixture into it.Level with the back of a spoon and bake at 180 & # 176 for 35/40 minutes. As usual, carry out the toothpick test to verify that the cooking has taken place.

The recipe in my cooking magazine recommended cutting the cake in half, horizontally, and stuffing it with a layer of raspberry or blueberry jam, then putting it back together and dusting it with icing sugar.

I did differently: I left the cake whole, without filling it.

Whenever the family wanted it, we cut a slice (full-bodied) and stuffed it in the middle of cranberry jam, we accompanied it with some good fiordilatte ice cream from Fabbri.

Preparation of the fiordilatte ice cream:

In a large bowl, pour the contents of the bag, add 350 g (equal to 340 ml) of cold milk and mix with a spoon.Mount with the electric mixer at maximum speed for about 4-5 minutes.

Pour into a pan and place in the freezer.

Some slices of cake (in order to avoid the & # 8220 disaster & # 8221 of eating it all) were immediately placed in the freezer wrapped in plastic wrap (in case of future irrepressible desire for sweets).

The cake can be accompanied, instead of ice cream, by a hot zabaglione (I reserve this & # 8220 culinary experience & # 8221 for the colder months).

It was the first time I made a cake with buckwheat flour and I hope not the last.

I was very satisfied with it.

It is advisable not to use any jam as the one with berries with its sour taste goes perfectly with this dessert.

The cake to be baked is ugly to look at but then it will become very, very good.

Below is the recipe (including photos) present in one of my many old cooking magazines & # 8230year 2000. There was a beautiful insert all about Valtellina and typical local products.

I put the cake tag next to the ice cream bowl "okay, I'm merged with all these animals around".

Buckwheat and Cranberry Pie - Recipes

Ingrediants (Pan 26 cm in diameter):
150 g of white flour
100 g of buckwheat flour
200 g of cranberry jam
150 g of walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts
6 eggs
300 g of sugar
100 g of butter
1 sachet of baking powder
Powdered sugar for sprinkling

Method: Using an electric mixer, mix the eggs with the sugar in a bowl until the mixture is light and fluffy. In the mixer, finely chop walnuts, hazelnuts and pine nuts. Incorporate the two flours, mixing them with the dough, then add the dried fruit, stirring slowly with a wooden spoon. In the meantime, melt the butter in a saucepan, then add it to the mixture together with the yeast and mix the mixture.
Grease and flour a cake pan 24 or 26 cm in diameter and pour the mixture inside. Bake at 170 & # 176 for about 40 minutes or in any case until inserting a toothpick into the cake, it will not come out dry and clean.
Then let the cake cool on a cake rack, cut it in half horizontally with a knife and make the lower part thus obtained with the cranberry jam with the help of a spatula.
Recompose the cake by placing the top and sprinkle with icing sugar.


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